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Display Modules

Learn more about how our ink becomes a display.

E Ink on Every Smart Surface

Once the electronic ink microcapsules have been created, the ink is laminated onto a sheet of plastic film that can be cut into different shapes and sizes. These cut parts are then affixed to layer of circuitry that can create an electric field across the microcapsule. It is this electric field that causes the ink to move within the microcapsules and switch from white to black. For E Ink's Segmented displays (SURF), the circuitry is in the shape of the segments that make up the display. For E Ink's Active Matrix displays, the circuitry is a thin film transistor (TFT) array of dots or pixels that allows for very high resolution images and text.

The E Ink plastic film can be applied onto virtually any surface, including glass, plastic, fabric and even paper. Ultimately electronic ink will permit most any surface to become a display, bringing information out of the confines of traditional devices and into the world around us.

EPD Modules

E Ink offers two paths for product designers looking to work with our product; purchasing Ink Film as a component, or purchasing modules systems.

Most customers will find a module solution the easiest and fastest route to market; a module is a completed display, including TFT, Ink layer, Protective Sheet, driver electronics and connector. It is ready for integration into a customer's end product design. E Ink sells modules using our monochrome Pearl display and our color Triton display.

For those customers who have module making capacities in house, including access to a TFT fab, E Ink will consider joint development partnerships.

To either purchase modules, or find out more about Film partnerships, please contact our sales team.